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Saran Wrap Nail Art Tutorial

You will need:

Pink and purple color nail polish

Plastic wrap


Nail paint remover


Base and top coat


Step1: Start with the clear and dry nails so you can apply the clear base coat over the nails and then let the nails get dry for the next while to touch.

Step2: Apply the single coat of the pink nail polish over the nails and allow the nails to get dry, meanwhile you can prepare the plastic wrap balls from the plastic wrap.

Step3: Now, apply the purple nail paint over the nails and then and simply dab the plastic wrap ball over the nail but with the gentle pressure so you will not remove the whole paint from the nail. And be sure that you are doing this nail by nail only.

Step4: When you are done from all the nails then allow the nail paint get dry with enough time and meanwhile clean up the area around the cuticles and the surrounding region with the help of the Q-tip and the nail paint remover.

Step5: Once you are done with this then secure the design with the clear top coat and you are done here.

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