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The World's Longest Water Slide Basically Never Ends

A slide of several hundred meters long, it's bugging you? So it will go for a ride in New Zealand!

We already told you about the Aqua duck, the huge water slide Disney Fantasy. Well just imagine that we found an even more impressive specimen of a size even more, and that promises absolutely crazy sensations to all those who dare the challenge it offer! All this is happening in New Zealand, so you'll need a plane ticket to go try it on the spot ... But to see videos floating around, there is no doubt that the journey is worth the time, especially for thrill seekers!

A length ever seen for a slide of several hundred meters

And yes, it may seem impressive: this special slide extends over a length of 600 meters, or more than half a kilometer! A maddening distance to the point that people who test this claim toboggan feel that the descent never stops. Especially that as far as you glide on the tubes, speed is increasingly amplified: the slide is strategically placed on a huge sloping plain; you will go faster and faster, until 50 km / h if not more! A rate that may seem derisory when one is inside a car for example, but imagine yourself slipping too fast, your body simply to block: as you say the feel this slide are far from be anecdotal!

The thrill increasingly sought by young audiences

In recent years, there is a certain tendency among people to try to surpass their limits. They seek to go further, to test themselves. That is why we saw the birth of disciplines for the less extreme, like for example the pendulum jump, to be reserved for thrills seekers! Obviously, there must be a little reckless dare attempt such work for less dangerous and can have serious consequences on the body. Fortunately, the hardware is also proposed to fans more and more solid and reliable and you can count on high-fly gear. However, nothing essential for this slide 600 meters long: you only have to go with the trickle of water running through it, while being careful to the finish!

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