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Tiger Print Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art designing comes out very pretty sometimes that you cannot even imagine, an animal texture manicure can turn to be the reason for number of comments for your nails. TO get the simply chic animal texture manicure that you wish to wear is the Tiger sport nail art. Steps for the nail design are very simple and chic that a beginner can also master the nail deign with few steps of the practice. You don’t need to visit the nail saloon just let yourself ready for the nail design with all your tools so you can wear the style.

Step1: Start with the clean and clear nails so that you can apply the base coat over your nails. Apply the clear base coat for your nail because the clear base coat is necessary for the nails health. Allow the nails to get dry for next few minutes.

Step2: When your nails are completely dry then apply the base coat for the texture of tiger sport that will enhance the beauty of the nails.

Step3: when you are done with the sporty tiger nail color base coat then let the base coat for the nails get dry completely and then use the scotch tape strips over the nails so, you can apply the strips criss-cross over the nails.

Step4: Apply the matching shade color with the tiger sporty color and peel off the tape before the nails paint get dry but carefully.

Step5: Now let the nails gets dry and secure the design with the clear top coat and get wild with the tiger sporty nail manicure.

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