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Top 5 Most Bizarre Medical Conditions

When people read about Most Bizarre Medical Conditions, Tourette’s syndrome or albinism comes in their mind. But in infinite world of medical ailment some conditions more bizarre then Tourette’s syndrome. Today we are sharing top 5 Most Bizarre Medical condition.

1. Charles Bonnet Syndrome

But those who are afflicted with Charles Bonnet Syndrome begin to see all kinds of crazy hallucinations, such as cartoon faces, animals and obscure color patterns.

2. Macrodactyly

In this a person’s fingers or toes suddenly swell for no apparent reason.

3. Parry-Romberg Syndrome

Anyone who suffers from this ailment has his or her face has caved in.

4. Constant Org@sms

This is known as “persistent genital arousal syndrome”.

5. Sudden Inflation

Known as capillary leak syndrome. Happens when one’s blood vessels start leaking excess plasma as a result, the plasma collects beneath the surface of the skin and the person starts bloating up.

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