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Upper Level Cat-Eye Look

Hello- ladies,- today- we- are- sharing- tutorial- for- eye- makeup- which- is- best- suited- when- you- are- in- mood- for- flirty- date.- You- need- bend- liner- brush,- liquid- liner,- mascara- and- white- eye- pencil.- And- trust- me,- it- is- easy,- it’s- professional- and- gives- your- eye- a- fabulous- look.- Just- follow- these- steps:

o Draw- two- guide- lines-- one- at- center- and- one- at- outer- corner- of- lash- using- bend- liner- brush.

o Connect- these- guide- lines- and- make- extended- black- flick- to- the- outer- corner.

o Apply- mascara- at- the- top- lashes.

o Use- white- pencil- to- trace- bottom- lash- and- extend- it- under- the- black- flick- as- well.

o Done!- Enjoy- your- look.

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Item Reviewed: Upper Level Cat-Eye Look Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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