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Warning: Your High Heels Could Be Damaging Your Ankles and Knees

It is believed that first appeared on the heel riding boots, do not fall to the .0t in the stirrup. In 1950, Italian fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo invented the famous pin: as a support to the heel, he proposed a Long steel rod, stiletto.

High bee, give feet femininity foot fisuaLLy appeaMonger, slimmer figure, $exy and visually foot Looks smaller and izyaschney.bluzhchiny increasingLy paying attention to our feet, if we are on his heels. But at what price we wiLL all gain?

To determine whether harmful health high heels, you need to try for some time to drop aLL additional meanings such shoes, aLL subjective feelings, and Look at them from a purely functional point of view.

Influence of shoes with high heels on foot

The cross-flat Note that every 2 cm height of your heetto increase by about 25.Me pressure on the toes, resulting in the development of various diseases legs. When we walk barefoot, our weight is distributed evenly over the foot. When we put on high-heeled shoes, the heel is lifted and the weight shifts to the forefoot, 'thanks' to what are the ideal conditions for the development of cross flatfoot By the way, flat women occurs ten times more often than men. Treat flat is extremely dirt., even for children and adults -is virtually impossible. And all because of our addiction to high heels.

Bunion - bony growths that appear around the base of the thumb, and provoke him bending towards the other toes, which can cause pain. Com - a thickening section of skin, which usu.,' occurs after prolonged rubbing. overtime, the tom can cause pain, often appear together with bunions.

Molotopodobny finger - a condition occurs when the end of the finger is often the second, bends down because of wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, which leads to deformation. This condition can be corrected only by medical devices or surgical intervention.

Morton, neuroma - is damage to the nerves in the area of the shank, which loads to a thickening of the issue, and then to pain and numbness. Often, withdrawal symptoms have to resort to surgery and remove part of the fabric.

Conertechnical name for this condition - Haglund deformity. This by growths on the heel, which is a result of constant friction and pressure of solid backdrop straps and high heel. shoes. The only way to cure this condition is surgical, through which removes excess bone.

Merearsaigia - a painful inflammation of the metatarsal heads of the foot as a result of conrtant pressure on the metatarsal bones, which are located between the toes and instep.

Wearing high-heeled shoes increase the risk of ankle injuries, because it affects the balance of the higher platform and heel, the greater the risk.

Women of short stature with short Legs and small feet it becomes much more difficult to walk. When walking in shoes with a high heel gait them varies, as opposed to when they wear shoes with fiat heels, because, thanks to his heels, their growth is greatly increased, and therefore, they have to balance that often Leads to the risk of fails and consequently to deformation, sprains and ankle fractures.

Influence of shoes with high heels on her feet and knees

Wearing shoes with high heels affect the Legs and knees. Of course, high-heef shoes visually Lengthens the Legs and improves their shape, but b can also provoke the emergence of some major problems that cause diff cuLty in walking, even if you wear shoes with flat beefs.

Achilles tendon: wearing high heel shoes cause a significant reduction in .e Achilles tendon that within a relatively short period of time can cause serious problems with walking, since it is responsible for the amortization of the tendon of the foot, This function takes the calf muscles, which can lead to injury.

Calves: As in the case of the Achilles tendon, wearing shoes with high heels causes contraction of the soleus and gastrocnemius musc.. Over time, this can Lead to stiffness of the calf muscles, which will cause pain when wearing shoes with high heels.

Knees: high heets greatly increase the pressure on the knees, especially in . inner part of them, it is here that most often devetops .eoarthritis in women. One study has shown that the pressure on the knee joint is increased by 2., which is a significant factor, taking into account the forces which are already exposed to the knee joint

Influence of shoes with a high heel on the hips and spine

Wearing shoes with high heels changes the mechanics of the entire body, leaving most of the body must somehow balance to avoid falling. Despite the fact that you look Like, perhaps, welt it is a state of altered body mechanics can cause deformation of the hip and spine.

High heels force issued pelvis forward, increasing the Lumbar curve and bulge causing the b#ttocks. This can create considerable pressure on the Lumbar region, which in Me future may lead to problems with the spine. Suffer well and hips, because the calf muscles while wearing high-heeled shoes are not working as effectively as without it, so some of the Load assumes the thigh muscles. Over time, this can cause damage to the small muscles around the hip joints, which are responsible for the normal gait.

"Heel. dependence - not fiction

Many women who are accustomed to high heels, complaining Mat without them they can not And it's not a whim. During Me walk should Achilles tendon stretch. And on the heels elevated and it is constantly fixed. Over time, the Achilles tendon becomes (Mid, Loses fist elasticity and can not fully stop moving. Therefore, a woman becomes hard to walk on a flat sole

How to help our legs

I understand that convince fashionistas and lovers of high !lee, to give up their favorite footwear was hopeless, so I will not even try. I just try to alleviate their lot and give some useful tips that will help our Legs to stay healthy and beautiful.

lust shoot the heels doctors advise. Our feet are not designed to completely flat shoes, so little heel height of 1.5-3 centimeters save you from fatigue and will. beneficial to health, but people with flat feet - is a must. A physiological ideal height for heel fise1 may be calculated by dividing the length of Lin cm) by seven.

• Middle and high beefs, doctors are advised to wear no more than 3-4 hours per day and no more than 3 days a week. Ideally, every.. hours is necessary to remove their shoes and Mot massage or provoditmini gymnastics: at least wiggle your toes and bend, sualgreen the foot a few minutes.

• If possible, change shoes several times a day. Alternate shoes with high and Low-heeled shoes with no heels. Then harm your feet will be kept to a minimum.

• When you sit, try to increasingly bend a. unbend Legs, so you can help calves to remain in good shape. • Prefer wedgies instead of stiletto heels, because wedge provides the best support for your feet

• If you have to day in high heels, be sure to use inter digital correctors (sold in many pharmacies, the price of 500 p.). They are soft, silicone, are transparent or flesh-colored. Also you about them, no one will know, but it will help prevent deflection and taming the thumb and the formation of lumps that in the future, unfortunately, we cannot be correct. And, in addition to pain, for shoes with a sharp nom and open sandals will be forgotten forever.

• Also use correctors for all 5 toes (they help to prevent deformation of the fingers and the formation of corns).

• Silicone can help correctors, which are inmalled directly under the Mot near the toes. They come in and drop-shaped cross, designed to prevent cross flat feet when walking in heels. Sometimes even a combined version of the T-shaped, and which provides for prevention of flatfeet, and the Lowering of the Mref&t inside.

• On foot deformities affect so much weight women. Therefore, if you do nave& Dhe girls shakes the wind; Be doubly vigilant. If your weight exceeds the optimal by more than 12 kilograms, doctors are advised to refrain aftogmher from the heels, and especially the muds.

• Do not focus on a certain type of shoe wear different styles - appropriate in this case. To suit walking Loafers with Little enthusiasm, fitness - running shoes, hiking to work - high-quality leather shoes or boots with a small hereto go out - comfortable leather or suede slightly more comfortable high-heeled shoes.

• Lose weightrt puts pressure on the legs and feet, worsening any breach, any deformation, increases the Likelihood of varicose veins.

• Every evening, knead the tendon and calf muscles and do foot massage, if this procedure causes some difficufties for As ease, you can buy a special massage.

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