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What Your Skin Tells about Your Health

Condition on skin tells a lot about your health. Your Skin is indicator of your health. Want to know what your skin tells about your health read this.

Butterfly rash

When rashes present across your face it can be a sign of lupus.

Velvet Plaques

Appear in the neck or armpits as a sign of diabetes but if they appear on hands or lips it may indicate internal cancer.

Leg Plaque: Red edges-Gold centers

A sign of diabetes.

Itchy Violet Bumps

They can appear on wrist, ankle, legs, and mouth and can be sign of hepatitis C.

Thin And Velvety-White Palms

It may be sign of lung cancer.

Wooden Skin

Wooden appearance of skin shows kidney diseases

Scaly Rash on B*ttocks

It starts in the fold of the b*ttocks or palms and may a sign ofa pancreatic tumor.

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