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What Your Tongue Reveal About Your Health?

The color of your tongue may say a lot about your health. It is therefore to know the different types of languages!

There are a lot of ways to learn more about his health, although he does not seem to concern us at the moment. The mere fact of having s#x regularly prevents many diseases, and that's the kind of therapy that does not hurt to follow! But did you know that the color of your tongue could also reveal a lot about your well-being? Indeed, the colors that the human tongue can take are always in line with a health condition that may be of concern in the long run!

While some diseases are not detectable unless you have special skills, no need to have done great medical school to watch his tongue and draw some conclusions. But it is still necessary to know what return these colors so special that our language can take in case of external aggression!

Here are the different types of languages that you can find. If you ever get the impression that yours is not going very well or she wears a color for the least unusual, please refer to this guide that can probably tell you more about your state health!

1. Red tongue

Red is probably what is most difficult to detect, because some people have dark pink languages, which can mislead. However, even when we easily tend to notice when the hue is more pronounced than usual! In this case, do not panic: this an abnormal hair pigmentation may simply be due to deficiency of iron or vitamin B, in which case your doctor may give you supplements or advise you of the most suitable food. For some scientists, too red tongues can also indicate that one of our organs is overheating, but this remains to be demonstrated concretely. Finally, note that a simple reaction to everyday products (toothpaste, mouth wash, medication, various treatments) or an overly acidic food can also explain this red color.

2. violet tongue

Like the bruises that we can have on the skin, and which result from a blood pressure to a part of your body that prevents blood from flowing well, a purple tongue can indicate that your blood pressure does is not high enough. However, this may also indicate items that have nothing to do with it: for example, this color can mean that you are particularly vulnerable to chronic bronchitis: the oxygen that plays an essential role in the circulation is therefore not correctly sent to your organization. Finally, purple may indicate a higher cholesterol levels than average, which can be much more serious!

3. yellowish tongue

A pale yellowish tint or simply may indicate a sufficiently high hemoglobin levels. In addition, it can demonstrate that you undergo everyday stress, which involves fatigue home at all times. If you are a heavy smoker, you should beware: this color indicates problems regularly to the lungs or intestines. If ever this problem is therefore only too partial functioning of these bodies, you can easily adjust things by adapting your diet to eat things that will help you like garlic, cinnamon or ginger, even spinach or red meat to address the concern of too low hemoglobin.

4. Black tongue

This is undoubtedly the most impressive color because it really has nothing to do with a variation of pink! A black tongue is however not dangerous in most cases: in fact, this color can simply result from a mass of bacteria trapped in the taste buds, which are unable to be evacuated with the rest of your food. In this case, simply prefer careful brushing your teeth without obscuring the course language, with a good daily oral rinse completely. You should quickly find a language as rosy as the nose of a puppy!

5. tongue whitish

White is more or less similar to black on a language, in that it simply indicates that too many bacteria ended up lodged in your mouth without being able to be evacuated. You can realize it during tomorrow evening too watered: if you stick your tongue once in front of your mirror, you will find that your language is strangely white. It is simply the accumulation of small bacteria, because of alcohol or cigarettes, causing this strange hue. Nothing dangerous, take heart!

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