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What’s Your Tummy Type?

Girls, this post dedicated to you if you want bikini-ready body. For bikini-ready body a much attention is required for tummy. According to James Duigan (a body guru) there 5 tummy types. In this post we are showing all this tummy types, there probable causes and respective approaches for each type to get flat tummy.

1- The Spare Tire


Not enough exercise and sugary food is the main cause of this tummy shape. In this type fat is being stored around middle.

Make over plans:

• Stop drinking alcohol.

• Start your day by egg, grilled chicken and steamed vegetables

• Go for walk and follow rope skipping for 15 minute daily.

2- The Little Pooch


This type of tummy happens to women who are busy with their career. They are usually slim but have a little pooch.

Make over plans:

• First of all treat digestion problem like inflammation, constipation etc.

• Eat green leafy vegetable and whole grains for adequate fiber.

• Do sit-ups

3- The Stress Tummy


People with digestion related problem irritable bowel syndrome, have this kind of tummy. Extra fat get spread about navel area. Stress is also a reason for this.

Make over plans:

• Improve your sleep habit.

• Practice yoga

• Eat magnesium rich foo.

4- The Bloated Tummy


This tummy is due to result of indigestion and gas related problem. Tummy is usually flat in morning swell up due to gas

Make over plans:

• Eliminate dairy products from your diet

• Drink enough water for good digestion system

5- The Mummy Tummy


This tummy usually belongs to women who have given birth in the last few years.

Make over plans:

• Take fish acid and other sources of omega-3 acid

• Try gentle pelvic exercise and go for walk daily.

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