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Reasons Why Not To Wear Bra While Sleeping?

Wearing bra at night is a common matter of debate. Some women feel it safe to wear bra while sleeping. But if you wear bra while sleeping, then you may face these health problems.

Reduce circulation: Wearing bra while sleeping may reduce circulation. This makes your sleep uncomfortable.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation in portion where elastic is tighter is a common problem but wearing bar while sleeping make it worse.

Disturbed sleep: Wearing a bra will definitely going to disturb your sleep.

Sweating and Skin irritation: Wearing bra while sleeping make you sweat more. This will also trigger skin irritation.

Restlessness: Wearing a tight bra while sleeping can make you restless in the night. Restlessness will have adverse effect on your health.

Oedema: Wearing bra at night causes lymphatic blockage. Lymphatic blockage may result in oedema or fluid accumulation in the bre@sts.

Cancer: Some studies show that wearing bra while sleeping increase chances of bre@st cancer.

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