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10 People Who Wanted To Look Like Celebrities But Failed!

We all want to look like celebrities. It’s a dream for everyone. To make their dream come true some people spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to get look of their favorite celebs.

But in event to achieve a look of their favorite celebrities they sometime make fun of themselves. Today we are sharing about few people who tried their best to make replica of their famous celebrity but failed drastically.

1. Herbert Chavez took 16 years of surgery to look like Superman.

2. Myla Sinanaj spend $30,000 on liposuction and bre@st implants to look like Kim Kardashian.

3. Donna Marie Trego spent $100,000 to look like Lady Gaga

5. Kitty spend a thick money to look like Jennifer Lawrence

5. Ashley Horn spent $25,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan

6. It Cost 100,000 EURO for Toby Sheldon to look like Justin

7. Lisa Connell spent over $60,000 get a look of Demi Moore

8. Octomom tried to look like Angelina

9. Xiaoqing decided to look like Jessica Alba for her boyfriend

10. This man spend over $100,000 to look like Ken Doll

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