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18 Creative Uses Of Bobby Pin

Hello viewers, today we are sharing endless creative uses of one of the most common beauty tool, a bobby pin. These uses or you can say these hacks of bobby pin, which we are going to share with you, will definitely going to shock your friends. These hacks will definitely add wow factor to your hairstyle and make you look more attractive and smart. Have a look at these pictures to learn these creative uses.

1. Use the right side

2. Try a triangle

3. Chevron Chic

4. Prop your ponytail

5. Stealthy Hair Pull-Back

6. Get #trendy

7. Criss-Cross Crown

8. Fix your bobby pins

9. Improve grip with dry shampoo.

10. Cover the elastic

11. Perfect your braid

12. Instant bob

13. Bobby pin case

14. Get artistic with nail polish

15. Half up, half down criss cross

16. Bangs be gone.

17. Nail Art Tool

18. Zipper pull

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