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4 Very Effective Exercise To Shape Your Body

If you are planning to go to party and therefore want to get your body in shape, then this post is definitely for you. Today we are sharing some exercises which can help you to tone your body by removing your extra fat. These exercises are really very effective and will help you to shape your body especially your back in 7 seven days. Have a look.

1. Step-ups

The only thing which you need is a platform little higher than your knees. It is very dynamic exercise and activates your glutes muscle and also makes your thigh tight.

2. Leg Lifts

First step on your knees and forearm. After this lift your right leg off the ground and try to point it toward ceiling and hold in for 30 seconds and repeat same with left leg.

3. Squats

Holding yourself for some time in lowest position of squat increases the intensity of this exercise and really helpful to tone your back.

4. Bridges

Lie on floor with your knees jagged up. Now raise your b*tt off the ground till only feet, hand and shoulders are touching the ground.

Watch the below video to learn more exercise to shape your body.

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