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5 Major Causes Of V@ginal Itching


V@ginal itching can really be an incredibly uncomfortable situation. Some of these itching is really worrisome and need attention immediately. Today we are sharing few things which can be responsible for v@ginal infection. Natural remedies are available for each of these itching. Have a look.

1. Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is most common cause of v@ginal itching. Three-fourth of women gets this infection at some point of life.

2. Allergies

Exposing v@gina to various chemical can give you itching due to allergies.

3. STDs

Sometime your itching can be due to some kind of STD.

4. Shaving

Hair grown down there after shaving is responsible for itching. Some find shaving cream as solution of this.

5. Menopause

When you reach menopause, your estrogen level decreases and mucosal lining start thinning and may give you itching problem down there.

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