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5 Mistakes That Should Be Avoided With Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows are necessary for perfect makeup. Girls do many things to make their eyebrows perfect. While following processor to give eyebrows a perfect shape, girls generally do some mistakes. Today we are sharing these mistake with you so next time you may avoid them.

1. Tweezing Before Shower

Hair follicle loosens from water and may fall out and change the shape of your newly shaped eyebrows if tweeze before shower.

2. Over Plucking

Less plucked brows are more even. So, you are advised to pluck brows once in three week.

3. Ignoring Your Natural Arc

While shaping brows girls ignored their natural arc. This may give you a fade and annoying look.

4. Overuse Of Brow Liner Pencil

This will give you gummed and patchy eyebrows.

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