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5 Things Men Find Unattractive

Girls notice every mistake of boys and love to make fun of boys with their friends. But ladies never noticed their own mistakes especially the makeup mistake, because when it comes to makeup they are the perfect. Ladies but there are something which boys find really unattractive about your makeup.

Today we are sharing 5 of these things with ladies makeup that boys find really annoying and unattractive. Have a look.

1. Intricate Hairstyle

It’s surprising but true. Boys usually prefer their girl with natural-looking hair and with simple hairstyle.

2. Heavy Foundation

Foundation is necessary to hide lines, little flaws and also give your makeup a glamorous look. But heavy foundation makes you look like clay doll and boys really hate this.

3. Glitter on Your Eyelids

Girls if you are not professional then please avoid this. Unprofessionally applied glitter will give a weird look to your eyes.

4. Gummed up Lashe

When you applied too much mascara then it ends with gummed up lashes.

5. Badly shaved body

If you have perfect shaped but badly shaved body, then girls you can be center of joke among boys. So, next time, take care of it.

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