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Celebrities, Then And Now! #6 Will Blow Your Mind

Section of time prompts change, at times a colossal one, that when you see back nothing appears the same any longer. From Miley Cyrus to Megan Fox and Madonna, these celebs experienced changes which made them look like outsiders and some of despite everything them didn't lose their excellence and matured effortlessly.

1. Miley and her dad changed pretty fast.

2. Jonah Hill underwent an epic body transformation.

3. It's truly hard to recognize one of the most famous British singer and songwriter of 80s. Yeah, He is boy George.

4. Madonna may be a victim of devilish Photoshop coz it is never expected for her to have such a drastic change.

5. Kesha put on some weight. Perhaps, she stopped working out.

6. Demi Moore has aged beautifully.

7. Matt Leblanc. 'Friends' doesn't seem that old but Joey does.

8. Megan Fox still looks hot!

9. Pierce Brosnan, our James Bond got little tommy.

10. Axl Rose has transformed completely.

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