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Drink Water Before Meal: Proven Way To Lose Weight

According to a research published in Obesity, drinking water can help you to lose weight.

They publish their result after experimenting on 80 obese adult for 12 weeks. They divide them into two equal groups. They advised first group to drink 1 glass of water 30 minute before meal and participant of second group to imagine themselves with full stomach before having meal.


The results are awesome for both groups as both groups lose weight at the end of study. But the participants of first group who drink water before meal loses 10 pounds compared to 2 pounds by participants of second group.

The head of this study, Dr. Helen Paretti, from the University of Birmingham, claimed that: “If we compare this with the brief instruction on how to increase the physical activity amount on healthy diet, this seems to aid people to lose extra weight, at healthy and moderate rate. It is something that does not take that much works to fit in our busy lives.”

So, now it is proved that drinking one glass of water before meal can help you lose weight. So, when are you starting to drink water before meal?

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