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How To Know If It Is A Boy Or A Girl

Today we are sharing interesting natural ways to guess the gender of child in mother’s belly. You cannot be absolutely sure about this guess but you can try this if you are not fan of new technology. It will be fun and here they are: Watermelon or basketball

If pregnant woman’s belly look more wider than round (i.e. like watermelon), the baby going to be a girl. If it looks more round, like basketball, the baby is going to be a boy.

Color of Bre@st

If bre@st have dark and large n!pple, then it’s a baby boy otherwise it’s a baby girl.

Color of Urine

Bright yellow urine color indicates a baby boy and if it dull yellow then it’s going to be a girl baby.

Listen to heartbeat of baby

While her regular visit to doctor, pregnant lady can guess gender by paying attention to heart rate of baby. If heart rate is under 140 then it’s a boy and if heart rate is above 140 then it’s a girl.

Movement of Baby

Some people claims that the babies move differently in mother’s belly. If baby moves in circle, it’s a boy and if it moves sideways then it’s a girl.

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