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How To: Perfect Winged Eyeliner!

Every girl wants perfect winged eyeliner because it gives fabulous shape to their eyes. Perfect winged eyeliner also enhances their makeup. That’s why we are sharing procedure to get perfect winged eyeliner. You will need two angled brushes, liquid eyeliner and concealer for this. Follow these steps.

1. First of all apply primer to eyelids to create an even and smooth base for application of liner.

2. Use a thin eye line brush to make a line on outer corner of your eye. This line will determine size of your flick.

3. After this, apply liner close to your lash line on inner corner of your eyelid.

4. Join the line you created from outer corner of your eye, to eyeliner goes along the top of your eye.

5. Fill any in between gap. Use smaller strokes to fill any gap.

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