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How to Spot Fake MAC Brushes - #5 You Should Not Ignore At Any Cost


MAC brushes are popular for their amazing texture and ability to blend foundations to perfections. A single MAC brush is sold for about $85 here in Australia, so I am sure you would agree that they are not cheap! But somehow, you can find them on ebay for as little as $20! How’s that possible? well, because they are fake! However, there are many shops that sell the fake one and their story is always similar: they get the brushes directly from the factory and that’s how they can afford to sell them so cheap! Don’t fall for it! But you know what’s worse? Spending over $80 just to find out you just bought a fake one! Below I will show you some clear details that will help you determinate which MAC brushes are real and which one are fake. Obviously, the one that has the circling in green is the authentic one and the one that has the circling in red is the fake one.

-Let’s begin with the obvious design; the fake MAC brush doesn’t have the two round metallic detail as the original one; and the brush itself lacks density!

-The real MAC fibbers are well held by the pressured metallic end, while the fake one is lose and seems like it’s gonna fall apart

The ‘M’ can show you a lot! The real MAC logo is well written and the space on the ‘M’ is not as big and poorly written

The country where the brush is made is stamped on the brush but in a way where it’s not too obvious such as shown on the first brush, while the fake one has the country written in big whitish letters

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