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How to Spot a Fake MAC Lipstick

Hello !!! girl'z the Short article a little special, this is a real VS MAC red lips and a copy of MAC. If you are anti counterfeiting, leave this page IMMEDIATELY !! ! If you can intaller you be comfortable to read this comparison :-) Let's go :-)

I ordered August 24 a batch of 20 MAC red lips ... Of course they were copies, let's say a little over the price of a single MAC authentic red lips (€ 18.50) , I dreamed 20!

On 16 September, almost a month later, I received them.

The purpose of my purchase is above all to give you a small comparative and give my honest opinion, I am eager to test and photograph all that :-) J 'I chose my invincible Candy Yum Yum MAC and quite similar copy in color. The comparison will therefore be held on two essential points: The packaging The product itself

(I would finish the article by showing you the 20 lipsticks received in this batch, many similar shades but all are different) Let's start with the packaging. In this review, the authentic MAC will always be to the left and copy right.

Item Reviewed: How to Spot a Fake MAC Lipstick Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Paul Emond
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