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Mom Accepts Strangers Friend Request On Facebook. The Consequences Will CHILL YOU TO THE BONE

This powerful message about the dangers of Facebook has gone VIRAL, and it’s not hard to see why. It is important that every parent reads this.

So, you just checked your Facebook and a random guy has sent you a friend request. you don’t know him but his profile picture is kind of cute so you accept him.

It's your infant young ladies first day of school, you are overpowered with bliss, and she looks so charming in her uniform that you need to take a photo of her and post it to Facebook to impart to your "companions" and gang.

You're excited to the point that you even 'Check in' to her school on Facebook saying:

'I can't accept how huge she's gotten. Time beyond any doubt flies. One glad momma/daddy right here'.

In the interim that arbitrary "charming" gentleman you acknowledged prior in the week has officially spared that photo and sent it to 60 other developed men over the world with the subtitle:

'American Female. Age 5.

Blonde Hair. Green Eyes.


Not just did you give a photo of adorable young lady to a youngster trafficker, you've given him her name AND the precise area of her school.

So it's 3:00pm and you're truly eager to go lift her up, however she's mysteriously gone.

You have no clue, your valuable child young lady was sold to a 43 year old pedophile before you even ventured off grounds at the beginning of today, and now she's en route to Mexico with a pack on her head, befuddled, frightened, and crying in light of the fact that a man she's never seen lifted her up from school. She has no clue where her guardians are, the place she's going, or what's going to transpire.

You go to get her at 3:00 this evening, however she's mysteriously absent.




posting everything about your life on Facebook.

Avoid keeping children’s pictures as profile pictures.

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