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You Should Not Ignore Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Very few people considered the possibility that they might be vitamin D deficient. But the reality is totally different from this. A recent study in U.S. shows that it is extremely common for people to have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is very vital for strong bones. Today we are sharing sign of Vitamin D deficiency. Here are some clear signs that you might be suffering from vitamin D deficiency. These sign of Vitamin D deficiency is told by Dr. Holick during an interview.

You Feel Bone Ache

A vitamin D deficient adult feels more achiness in bones especially in winter. There joints are also stiff when they get up in morning.

You Feel “Blue

Vitamin D improves the level of neurotransmitter serotonin. A person with vitamin D deficiency is likely to be always sad and more prone to depression.

You're overweight or obese

There is no change in vitamin D production as you gain weight. Moreover if you are gaining weight then it may be chance that you may become vitamin D deficient. The more body fat you have, the more it gets diluted. People who are overweight may require more vitamin D daily.

Watch this interview of Dr. Holick on Vitamin D to know more signs of Vitamin D deficiency.

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