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That's What Girls Go Through When They Are Going Through Pu8erty...The 5 Was Really An Obsession For Us!

Girls, adolescence, know changes (like boys). Here are the various problems encountered during this period!

When it comes to the Dollhouse, the famous p*berty, one goes through quite some complexing phases.Anyway, when you're a girl, you think everything is tragedy. It must be said that one is turned upside down by a lot of things ... It was frankly boring! But now that we think about it, it was nothing. And we all lived in small galleys every day during our adolescence, as a must (at the same time, we had no choice).

So we tried to summarize a teenage girl 10 points. Here they are :

1. Having to buy bras.

Not only had chest pain at the slightest little shock over because she was just beginning to grow, but in addition, you had to learn the different sizes of bra and how to measure his chest. A pain when we know that three months later, it took two sizes larger!

2. See his body and think that change takes abnormally weight.

Not only in adolescence, it is sensitive and faces a representation of the very few female beauty varied but in addition, the change of our bodies made us frankly pinball ... Our chest but also our hips doubled in volume, and then thighs too ... So we thought we took too much weight and we were unfairly large. In fact, not at all. We were just in the process of developing our female body. But for us it was THE END OF THE WORLD.

3. The day we bought our first string.

And it is not usually proud. First: because we had bought secretly (of course mom was not at all agree with this kind of underwear). And also because with hindsight, we realize that 12 years was too young to really put this stuff ... And besides, it scratches. Not very comfortable.

4. The arrival of hair galore ... and the discovery of hair removal!

We had a holy horror of these hairs because we are convinced that this made us less feminine. Except that maternal authority repeated unceasingly that pluck at age 11, it was much too young. So we shaved legs in secret. Admit it: you have already done too.

5. Our compared to boys.

Oh, and while in the primary boys were all a bit stupid to us, came in college, we were obsessed with them. For some reason, probably because of the American series that looked ... But we had the sole purpose of having a boyfriend. Besides that, the patent was still waiting to be reviewed.

6. This very embarrassing discussion of $exuality with parents.

We absolutely wanted to avoid it but we had to spend. It was for our good. We remember all this day our mother began to tell us about s#x, contraception and other topics we spoke curiosity with our girlfriends.But we did not want to talk with parents absolutely.

7. The joy of the first period. Woah

When comes the day of the first rules is never really the right time. And regardless of how they arrived, it was for a person picnic. Because discovering the joys of thinking to sanitary napkins and tampons, endure pain and having to spend an afternoon at the pool, it has clearly jaded our adolescence. And that's not counting the first time we tried to put a buffer ... a failed attempt.

8. At that time, EVERYTHING seems unfair.

P*berty is also the phase where we hate everyone, where everything seems unfair and where we try to rebel against the adult world AND EVERYTHING ELSE. It is a real upheaval and does not hesitate to make this clear. Anyway ... we slammed doors!

9. Wore make-up in secret.

Because we wanted to defy parental authority but also because we wanted to be taken seriously. And like real young women, one make-up gently. Good by cons, in these times, we could have used the experience to know Mom's makeup. Because we will not delude ourselves: we did not know makeup. The result was often wobbly. Ouch.

10. These horrible buttons complexion us.

This is also why we insisted on applying makeup despite the reluctance of maternal authority. Our acne pimples frankly we were spoiling life. We saw it and they were budding endlessly. It has undoubtedly been part of our physical change hardest to bear.

Basically, adolescence has made us see all the colors! But it is forced to go through it to take into maturity. What's reassuring now, is that despite all we thought at the time, we are ALL been there. So do not panic: this is just the obligatory passage ... and frankly innocent. What other things have you done (or lived) during your p*berty?

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