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This A 7 Year Old Begged Doctors To Let Him Die, And His Reason Just Broke Our Hearts

Regularly, when we hear words like "youngsters" and "penances," it's guardians that first ring a bell. Moms and fathers give all that they need to there children their time,money,investment and their full assets, and all the solid counsel they can to help there kids—to guarantee their kids have the best and are constantly cheerful.

In any case, some of the time, penances come in distinctive structures and at times, it's the kid who does the giving. At times the greatest supernatural occurrences come in the littlest bundles as some may have encountered amid there life.

That is the reason this story is so immensely effective. Who realized that such a little young man could have such an enduring effect? His penance has spared lives as well as touched all the our hearts from around the globe.

After you read and see the underneath picture you will tear up. This is one story that will stay with us here at AllViralPosts for quite a while and for a justifiable reaso .

Little Chen was just only 5 years old when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

But his mother, Zhou, didn’t have much time to adjust to this difficult news: Just months later, doctors would inform her she’d contracted kidney disease.


The two battled side-by-side in the hospital for years. Zhou required dialysis, while Chen needed round-the-clock care.

Initially, doctors thought Chen would recover — but his aggressive cancer eventually returned.

The cancer eventually blinded and paralyzed Chen, but his mother never gave up hope.

However, Zhou was facing issues of her own. Her kidney began to weaken, and it was evident that only a kidney transplant could save her.

That’s when the doctors intervened. They talked with Zhou’s mother. “They told me that my grandson would not survive,” she told Daily Mail, “but his kidneys could help his mother, and also save two other lives as well.

Zhou refused. “She absolutely didn’t want to hear any talk of that happening.”

But when 7-year-old Chen heard his mother’s dilemma, he immediately demanded Zhou take his kidney. “Mom, I want to save your life,” he begged

After debate and long discussions, a heartbroken Zhou agreed. Her only consolation was that her little boy would live on as a part of her.

Days later, Chen passed away. Doctors rushed him to the operating room where they would remove his kidneys and liver.

Before the procedure, the medical team paid a moment of silence to honor the little boy.

Chen’s kidney was a perfect match for Zhou, and she made a healthy recovery. Doctors claim it was a miracle.

Zhou’s not the only life that Chen saved. His right kidney went to a 21-year-old woman and his liver went to a 27-year-old man. Three lives have been saved thanks to this little angel with a big heart.

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