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Very Disturbing! Some Chinese Drivers Prefer Killing People They Hit Than Letting Them Live

When I first heard this stunning story, I trusted in my heart that it was only a messy gossip flowing on the web. Trust me, I needed it so awful to be untrue however clearly and lamentably, it appears like it is.

Based on the data assembled by Geoffrey Saint, it would seem that there is an unwritten principle among Chinese drivers who have inadvertently hit people on foot – it is ideal to run the individual over and murder them as opposed to permitting them to live.

I realize that sounds truly harsh yet it is an acknowledged conduct in the nation. Various episodes got on security cameras affirm that numerous drivers out and about subscribe to that outloo.

In China, some drivers believe it is better to hit and kill than to hit and injure.

Unbelievably, there is even an adage in the Chinese language that, when translated to English, literally says “it is better to hit and kill than to hit and injure.” It’s really morally wrong no matter how you look at it but the drivers have a reason behind this horrific attitude. In fact, the flawed logic is based on an existing law.

Based on Chinese law, killing will cost lesser for the driver in the long run.

Chinese law requires that drivers be made liable for the injured pedestrian’s health care not only for the vehicular accident but for the rest of that person’s life. This means the total expenses can possibly rack up to millions, depending on the gravity of the injury.

However, if the pedestrian is dead, the driver will only be mandated to give a one-time payment amounting to $30,000 up to $50,000.

To me, that sounds like one of the most heartless laws ever implemented by man.

Security camera videos confirm that this ruthless practice is really happening in China

“Hit-to-kill cases continue, and hit-to-kill drivers regularly escape serious punishment. In January a woman was caught on video repeatedly driving over an old man who had slipped in the snow. In April a school bus driver in Shuangcheng was accused of driving over a 5-year-old girl again and again. In May a security camera filmed a truck driver running over a young boy four times; the driver claimed that he had never noticed the child.”

I don’t know how anyone could be heartless enough to kill someone in cold blood just like that. These drivers are basically getting away with murder!

To anyone guilty of this, better hope and pray that your children or loved ones do not fall victim to this ruthless practice. Because in case they get hit by another vehicle, you know you’re never seeing them again.

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