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10 Simple Things We Are Doing Wrong


There are many daily things which we think that we are doing right but truth is that we are totally doing them wrong. Daily things like eating a burger, holding a pen, using your ear phone, holding a pizza, wearing a bobby pin etc. are some of the daily activities we which we are doing wrong.

Today we are sharing right way for doing some daily life activities. Have a look.


Doing squats- then its better to keep your thighs parallel to land.

How you insert your ear phone?

Keep the plain side of bobby pin up of hair.

Finger and thumb should be used to hold wine glass, not hand.

If you cut watermealon from center then you are doing it wrong.

The right way of eating cup cake.

Are you holding your right?

Correct way to remove upper part of strawberries.

Grab your pizza correctly to fully enjoy it.

Eating top-down is the right way of eating apple instead of eating from side.

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