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12 Horrifying Things Found Living Inside A Human Body

Today we are sharing some awful and strange insect or parasite that was living inside human body. This sound like the premise of science fiction but it’s true. These insect or parasite found in cavities inside human body and it’s strange but they adapted this environment. And like any other medical phenomenon, doctor has explanation for this also. Here is list of 12 most horrifying parasite found in human body.

1. Spider In The Stomach

2. Cockroach In The Ear

3. Moths and Ticks In The Ear

4. Worms In The Eye

5. Tapeworms In The Intestines

6. Eels In the Intestines

7. Fish In The Bladder

8. Dandelion In the Ear

9. Pea Plant In the Lungs

10. Maggots In The Ear

11. Squid Sp*rmatophores In the Mouth

img width="90%" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IH7CbqZ43Ps/Vh-bOMrdghI/AAAAAAAAjoo/5DxjMRfdsIQ/s1600/11.%2BSquid%2BSp*rmatophores%2BIn%2Bthe%2BMouth.jpg" />

12. A Botfly Larvae In the Eye

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