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Different Types Of Contractions During Pregnancy


Contraction during pregnancy generally signals that labor is starting. But contraction before you’re due doesn’t mean that you are going to deliver before due time. There are generally 3 types of contractions during pregnancy. If you want to know about all these three contraction for a better preparation for your pregnancy then read below.

1. Practice Contraction:

In medical term they are also known as Braxton Hicks contraction. They can occur any-time during pregnancy. Their occurrence is not necessary during all pregnancy.

2. False Contraction:

They occur before actual contraction to prepare cervix for delivery.

3. Actual Contraction:

In this contraction pain is persistent and intense. It doesn't stop even if you change your body position. It can be identified by pain in lower back and abdomen. It’s intensity and frequency keep on increasing with time.


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