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Everything You Think You Know About Poverty Is Wrong

The Huffington Post published an article, featuring the story of a single mother with two teenage daughter outlined the condition they are leaving. They are leaving below poverty line. I saw many people trying to help them-through their comments. Comments from some privileged people make me really sad. They are offering easy solution to get out of poverty. This post is to tell these people who don’t know anything about poverty.

Someone writes in comment.

“Why don’t you just buy in bulk? That’s what my parents did during The Depression.”

Dear if you have only $10 to spend than what you can buy with this.

Another well-wisher advised.

“Maybe you should stop eating junk food. It’s expensive.”

Dear, if someone has to walk (as they don’t have car and they also can’t afford public transport every-time to get their food) 12 miles for healthy and cheap food than I think they will prefer junk food which was available near them.

"They LOOK like they get plenty to eat."

Clapping for you sir. But I think obesity is a form of malnutrition, which properly to the junk food they are eating.

"They own a house?! They should sell it and rent a place -- it'd be cheaper."

Poor homeowners generally don’t have house which is worth selling.

And this

"Why don't they just grow food?"

Hello intelligent person, did you how much land it require to grow food.

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