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Know What Your B*tt Shape Says About Your Health

You do not actually need to travel to a doctor for frequent checkups to grasp however healthy we have a tendency to square measure. Our body speaks that for United States of America. Our body additionally shows United States of America the bioscience with that our body is developed and it's distinctive for each distinctive body. Our body talks with signing and it shows United States of America through our body form, nails and different elements.

V-shaped b*tt!

This type of b*tt is majorly found in the women having lower estrogen levels.

Heart shaped b*tt!

This type is also called as the Pear shaped b*tt. Women who have this type of b*tt have larger fat distribution in the upper thighs.

Round shaped b*tt!

Bubble b*tt is what a round shaped b*tt is like. This kind has the fat distributed perfectly and uniformly.

H-shaped b*tt!

The fat is distributed around the love handles.

Live in a healthier way!

More than required fat in your bottom may be a cause to hemorrhoids. But there is nothing to panic in that, just exercise regularly and stay free from any disease.

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