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Make Your Hair Wavy In Just 10 Minutes

If you have hair straight like arrow but you want to have wavy hair then this post is definitely for you. Today we are sharing tutorial to get wavy hairs at home. This tutorial is very simple and very easy to copy. Have a look.

Tip: Before you try this method, let me remind you to use some fire protector spray to preserve the health and strength of your hair.

1. Wash your hair and towel dry them.

2. Now turn on your flat hair iron.

3. Brush your hair and part them in two equal parts.

4. Now get the first section of hair and twist it tightly. Use a hair band to secure your hair in twisted position. Use the same with other section.

5. Now get flat iron and slide down cross the section the way you twisted them.

6. Wait till your hair cool down and then remove hair band.

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