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What Kind Of Person You Are? Your Shower Habit Will Tell You.


Shower habits are the reflect of our personality i.e. shower habits tells a lot about your personality. Want to know what kind of person you are based on your shower habit? Then read below

The Singer

You have a great sense of humor and charming personality. You are confident, fun loving, nature friendly and really interesting.

The Tooth Brusher

For you, your time is very valuable. You can handle multitasking efficiently.

The Long Bath Taker

You are cool, relaxed and enjoy your life to fullest. You barely stressed by your daily hectic schedule.

The Shower Thinker

You are over smart and very clever. You are very arrogant also.

The Quicker

You love extreme sports and you usually don’t waste your time.

The Frozen Shower Taker

You are warm and adorable person. You often feel lonely. Suffers from low self esteem.

The Shower Dreamer

Usually suffers from attention deficit disorder (ADHD). You are also a nature lover, artistic and love to travel.

The Loofa User

Very clean person with high self esteem. You also poses high level of awareness.

The Getting Inside Before Setting Up Water Temperature

Tend to work under high pressure and also a risk taker.

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