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Your Lips Says A Lot About You


Besides adding beauty to your face, your lips also tell a lot about your personality. Today we are sharing the connection between your character and the shape of your lips. Have a look.

Small Mouth

People of this kind is very generous and have good nature. They are interested in all the events and likes to explore.


Large Mouth

Large mouth people are ambitious and love to command. They love to make friends and are talented and perfectionist.

Full Lips

They pose a high degree of confidence. Woman of this type are greedy and immature.

Thin Lips

They generally are uncertain in their decision, but they have a practical nature.

Heart Shaped Lips

People with this kind of lips are independent and expressive. They also don’t afraid of anything.

Low Corner On Mouth

People of these kind especially women don’t like to share their privacy and are my mysterious. They are egocentric and very clever.

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