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10 Excruciatingly Honest Cake Messages… OUCH At #10

People use different methods to delivery their message. In ancient they used dove to deliver message, then comes post, then telephone and now there are vast way to do this.

Now internet and mobile phone are the best way to deliver message. But when these methods are used to deliver sarcastic message, they are not very effective and usually fail to convey their meaning efficiently. But modern generation figured out a new way to deliver sarcastic message that never fails. They are using cake to convey their message. So, next time when you have to say or to convey any message, just use a cake. And here is list to show you that cake message is good for every occasion. Have a look.

#1 This Is The Exact Support You Need Maria.

#2 Who The Hell Mind To Be Single When He Has Cake.

#3 A Good Way To Warn.

#4 When You Have To Punish Someone.

#5 Because Crackheads Loves Cake Too.

#6 Just Go.

For See Page:

#7 Surprise.

#8 This Will Be Your Final Cake.

#9 A Better Way To Dump.

#10 To Speak Truth.

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