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11 Shocking Photos Of Celebs After Getting Wasted

Celebs live a luxurious life that many of us can only wish. They are the trend setter and introduce new hair and fashion style and everybody follows them. Their fans are just mad about them. But in their madness fans usually forget that they are also like common people. Their parties can be high profile but there is something very common in our parties and in celebs’ parties. And this common thing is alcohol. This alcohol makes you to wake up next day in a weird position and this do the same with most of celebs. Today we are sharing some shocking photos of celebs after getting wasted. These photos will definitely make you feel good about your weird situation after getting drunk. Have a look.

1. Beyonce

2. Christina Ricci

3. Christina Aguilera

4. Emma Watson

5. Robert Pattinson

6. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez

7. Avril Lavigne

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8. Ben Affleck

9. Michelle Rodriguez

10. Deena Cortese

11. Lindsay Lohan

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