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5 Most Humiliating Breakup Texts Ever

Dating someone is really a awesome feeling. If you are dating with someone and if she/he breakup with you than it give you the worst feeling. People use many ways to tell someone that he/she is breaking up with him/he and break up on text is one of these ways. I think breakup text is one of the worst ways of dumping someone. It is really a coward way of doing this and for person you are breaking up with, it is really humiliating.

Today we are sharing some worst breakup text that will make you say WTF. And I also want to say that don't breakup on text with someone unless you want him/her to hate you throughout their life.

#1 Annoying Abbreviations.

Well, annoying abbreviations is very hard to understand but this is not that annoying.

#2 He Really Keep It Short And Simple.

But enough to humiliate his girl.

#3 Cheating Text.

She is really bad.

#4 Seeing 11:11?.

#5 This Is Really Heart Breaking.

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