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Easy Way To Remove Stretch Marks And Cellulite

Stretch marks are the most common problem and really embarrassing. Many products are available in market to remove them. Besides these marks, many people also suffering from cellulite problem and cosmetic product are also available for this. But if you are suffering from both these problems then there is no single product available to help you. In this case you have to use two separate products for both these problems this is first problem associated with chemical product and second problem is with their composition because they mainly contains chemical which can have some issues in long term.

But there is a single and all natural way to get rid of both these problem. Have a look on this natural and effective way.


It is the peeling procedure using sugar-salt. It is easy, effective and ingredients are also easily available. It requires :

1. 250g salt.

2. 250g sugar.

3. 150ml palm oil. (you can also use olive oil)

Procedure :

1. Mix all ingredient until a thick and homogenous is not prepared.

2. Rub this mixture on effective area until it can dissolve completely.

3. After that wash the skin and apply moisturizer.

4. Use it daily in night.

Using this daily just before going to sleep will help you to reduce these marks and you can see results in one month. If you like this post then we request you to share this with your friends.

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