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Five Signs Of First Week Pregnancy Every Couple Must Know

Bring a new life to earth is the most powerful gift a woman have. Woman carries a baby in her womb for a span of nine month and bears the pain that is beyond imagination for men. Pregnant woman should always be respected.

Pregnancy is always very excited for every woman. Every woman waits eagerly to test and to hear from doctor that she is pregnant. This excitement is beyond imagination when she is pregnant for the first time. But if are not sure about your pregnancy than just go through this sign which will prove that you are pregnant. This sign occur in first week of pregnancy. Have a look.

#1 Immediate Bleeding.

Most woman have bleeding after one oe to week of conceiving. They are unfertilized egg that embeds in womb and comes out through bleeding.

#2 Missing periods.

Missing periods is one of the first sign of pregnancy but you can't always relate lack of menstruation with pregnancy.

#3 Bre@st Enlargement.

Bre@st start enlarging and n!pples start getting darker in first week of pregnancy.

#4 Morning Nausea

During pregnancy many woman feels morning nausea. But it should be happen every day.

#5 Uneasiness.

Nine month pregnancy is never easy. Feeling tired and always out of energy also happen in first few week of pregnancy.

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