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LEARN HERE: Top Reasons Why Guys Cheat, Girls Pay Attention

Cheating your mate is very common these days. In-fact it is like new trend to cheat and dump your mate for new one and after sometime repeat the same with your new boy/girl. I am not able to understand why this is happening?

Today we tried to figure out the reasons why man cheats their girl. And we get these probable reasons for this. So, girls if you suspect your boy, then look at this list to increase your knowledge about male psyche.

He Is A Liar.

Humans are considered as monogamous i.e. they don't mind to have one partner throughout their life. But many men have no intension of staying monogamous. They are born cheaters.

He Is Insecure

If he feel insecure about his relationship, he can easily betray you.

He Is Immature

If he act like he is still college's cool dude, than he can cheat you. Immature never settle down for one thing.

He Is Bored

Feeling bored in an relationship is the main reason to cheat.

He Lacks Male Bonds

These kind of men lack stability in their personal life and always keep on searching for stability in arms of woman.

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