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Natural Way To Make Your Eyelashes And Brows Thick

Every girl likes to be more beautiful and that’s why girls use makeup to add more to their beauty. For good overall makeup well shaped eyelashes are necessary. For well shaped eye lashes it is necessary that you have thick eyelashes hairs. But all women don't have the thick eye lashes. These women use different product like color pencils to make their eyelashes thick. Most of these product are chemical based and not good for your lashes and as well as for your eyes. That's why we are sharing a natural way to make your eyelashes thick and long have a look.

There are not much natural methods available to make your eyelashes thick. But to we are successful to find out a really good natural way to make your lashes thick. This involves the use of castor oil. Daily you just have to rub your lashes with castor oil.

How Castor Oil Works:

1. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid. This acid is the most powerful thing to protect hair from fungal and other bacterial infection. This oil also works as a great moisturizer and rubbing your lashes with it help to nourish them and make them thick.

. Another benefit of using this oil is that it give your lashes a shiny effect. This make your lashes look silky. You can also extend the application of castor oil and can use it on tip of your split hairs. it heels them quickly and efficiently.

We also are sharing a video for your guidance to make your lashes thick and beautiful. Watch this video and we ready to enjoy your thick eye lashes.

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