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OMG!! See A Little Girl Whose Tongue Wouldn’t Stop Growing

This story is of a toddler, born with rare medical condition. Due to her medical condition this toddler was not even able to smile. The tongue of this toddler doesn't stop growing. Olivia Gillis was suffering from accelerated tongue growth-caused by ‘Bechwiths Wiedemannn Syndrome’. This accelerated tongue growth once even nearly makes her suffocated.

Due to her this condition, once she was unable to eat and talk. Her condition make many people think that she was sticking out her tongue at them. Now she is totally changes, all thanks to surgery.

Olivia Gillis Was Born With Wiedemann Syndrome

This syndrome cause uncontrolled growth in any body part. In Olivia's case this body part is her tongue.

This Proved To Be Very Dangerous Condition For Her.

Due to this condition she is not even able to eat. And one day this condition make her suffocate and she had to admit in hospital.

Thanks To Surgery

Doctors think it has now stopped growing. Surgery make her smile for the first time.

Presently Olivia Is Growing Well.

She also learned to eat and talk.

We never heard anything about such a medical condition but we hope she will not face this condition in her life again.
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