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Removal Of Unwanted Hairs Without Pain

The unwanted hairs on arms and legs are really embarrassing especially for girls. That's why girls want to remove them permanently. The only approved method available to remove these hairs permanently is laser treatment. But laser treatment is very expensive and not all of us can afford this. This is why women opt to other methods. These other methods also have some problems. First of all their effect not remain for a longer period of time. Secondly they are chemical based and thirdly they are painful. That’s why we are sharing methods which are effective and not painful to remove unwanted hair.

#1 Hair removal with baking soda:

Follow this procedure :

-Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda 200ml of boiling.

-Apply this on area from where you want to remove hair.

-Leave this for one night.

-Wash the face in morning and apply moisturizers.

-This is very effective method and give you smooth hair less skin in 2-3 application.


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#2 Hair removal with iodine:

You need 40ml alcohol, 1.5ml ammonium, 10ml castor oil, 2ml iodine ans 10% hydroxide. Now follow these steps.

-Prepare the mixture from all these ingredient.

-Make sure that you get ab colorless liquid.

-Apply on effected area.

-And let it be dried and shed naturally.

#3 Oil Nettle:

Nettle oil is the best way to remove facial hairs. Mix 3 tablespoon of this with 100ml of vegetable oil. Now leave this mixture unattended for one week and after one week start using this in night. After applying let it be dry and shed naturally.

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