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SEE: 5 Common Things You Should Never (Ever!) Put On Your Face

In many home remedies you are told to use some household things like lemon etc. to use on your face. Skin of face is different from that of body. These things may work on different body part or may also work on face for some people but it is definitely not suitable for all people. Yes, it is 100% true fact. You should check their reaction on your skin before using them on your face. In-fact I recommend never to use these types of things on face because this can give you rashes and scars.

Today we are sharing 5 most common things people use on their faces that should be avoided.

#1 Sugar

As we mentioned above that face skin is different from that of skin of body. Using sugar on face make it rough but it may still use them for using scrubbing.

#2 Lemon

Lemon is very acidic and may disturb the pH balance of dace.

#3 Toothpaste.

Many use it for drying zit and acne of face. But it also give you burnt or irritated skin.

#4 Baking Soda.

Using baking soda as a scrubber is not a good idea. This may also damage the pH balance of face and also dangerous for moisture contain of your face.

#5 Hot Water.

Moisture is essential but applying hot water may result in damaging this moisture. It is also harmful for protecting layer of skin and natural oil.

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