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SEE: 5 Disturbing Facts You Never Knew About Yeast Infections

Most of us know that small number of yeast lives in v@gina. Yeast is a type of fungus. When its cells grow in large number, it results in v@ginal yeast infection. It is very common infection in woman and result in itching, discharge. Though it is not usually serious but it is real pain.

But do you know there are 20 more different type of yeast live on different part of body. These 20 species of Candida yeast can also cause yeast infection and these infection may happen of any body part. Today we are sharing some facts related to these yeast infections. Have a look.

#1 With Self Treat You Can Make Them Resist From Further Treatment.

According to report, two out of three women buy meds without consulting or without any yeast infection. Due to this, yeast develop resistant and make it harder to get it treated in future.

#2 It Can Also Happen In Mouth.

It is look very nasty when happens in mouth. The yeast overgrowth causes cottage cheese like appearance on tongue, cheek and gums. It also make your breath nasty and swallowing anything painful.

#3 Your Poop Can Cause This.

Candida organisms are also present in your r*ctum. So there are chances that you may get infected to this while you poop. There is no way to prevent yeast infection from poop.

#4 Guys Can Also Get This.

Unprotected $3X can lead guys to suffer from this infection.

#5 Pasta-Lovers Are At Risk.

Yeast is naturally found in digestive tract. The ingredient used in pasta can increase the Candida level.

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