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5 Reason For V@ginal Smell

There are many product that advertised to encourage us to use your lady part clean and smelling pleasant. They claim to make your v@gina smells like fresh flower. But did you know that the v@gina smell is natural. Yes, it true that the v@ginal scent is natural and should be smell like that not like a field of flower.

Now a question arrives, why does v@gina smell like that?

Well, v@gina is a balanced ecosystem for many bacteria that make up the v@ginal discharge. Sometime this v@ginal discharge ay results in smell. Here is some more common cause of v@ginal smell.

#1 Bacterial v@ginosis (BV) :

These bacteria are present in v@gina and help it keep healthy. But if ecosystem of v@gina disturb by anything, the number of these Bacteria start increasing. This result in foul smell and the contact of s*m*n make this even more pungent.

#2 Your Diet :

Your diet also effect the smell of your lady part.

#3 Medicines :

Medication some time effect the pH balance in that area and result in pungent smell.

#4 Sweat :

Like your under arm, sweat is also a reason of smell in your lady part.

#5 Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes take place in body during the discharge or on starting or stopping the contraceptive pills. These hormonal changes also result in smell from the v@gin@.

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