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SEE: Female M@sturb@t!on: 5 Things You May Not Know

According to a study of Kinsey Institute more than half American woman from 18 to 49 m@sturb@te. This analysis includes both single women and women who are in relation. This is the act of self pleasure and many women prefer this, but still many myths are associated with it, says Nicole Prause, PhD.

M@sturbat!0n is normal and enjoyable experience. It is good for your health and like massage it is also a great way to relax. Here are some more benefits for female who m@sturb@te frequently. So dim the light, burn the candle, get the bed and start exploring yourself.

#1 Make You More Comfortable About Your Body.

Your body will remain with you throughout your life. So it's better to be familiar with your body.

#2 It Make You Happier.

Endorphins dopamine and oxytocin releases during this self pleasuring act improve your mood.

#3 Improve Your $3X Life And Make It More Enjoyable.

With this you can explore things that make you feel best while having $ex. Once you find it, you can tell your partner where to touch.

#4 It Can Ease Menstrual Pain.

Yes it is true. M@sturb@te will also going to help with cramps during periods.

#5 It Will Make You Fill F*(k!*ly Awesome.

No explanation needed for this.

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