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SEE: How to End Your Period in 3 Days

Menstruation is always very painful for all women. But sometime they are worst for some women. Extreme pain and uncontrolled flow turn their situation from bad to worst. Their situation make woman to think about shortening their periods. There are many ways to do this. You can even stop your periods with these ways. Here are some few tips to do that. But it’s always best to consult your doctor before doing anything to lighten or to stop your periods.

Look on this three ways to control your periods.

#1 Drink Lot Of Water.

This help you to flush menstrual fluid from your body and also help you to lighten your flow.

#2 Eat Lot Of Fruits.

Healthy food is always better for your periods. Consuming fruits maintains the natural metabolism rate help you to stop periods earlier.

#3 Drink Vinegar.

Drinking vinegar three time a day during periods not only make your periods lighter but also help in lowering the pain and make them stop earlier.

#4 Speed Up Your Periods.

Heat help make fluids to leave your body faster. It is helpful to stop your periods earlier.

#5 Having $3X

Org@smic contraction help to push fluid faster out of body and make them stop earlier.

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