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SEE: This Brilliant New App Is Like Airbnb For LGBT Travelers

USE has finally legalized g@y union. But proud members of LGBTQ are still a matter of fight for many people, especially when they are travelling internationally. The app like airbnb, couchsurfing or nightswapping to found room or to rent house is always not safe for these people because there are chances that the owner may be homophobic? So, to prevent members of LGBTQ, a new brilliant app has been designed. Check out the features of this brilliantly designed app for LGBT members.

#1 App To Rescue And Help LGBTQ's Members.

Wimbify designed a app to connect LGBT travelers with local hosts.

#2 App Tm Keep You Safe.

Wimbify's co-founder, Alessio Virgili, said that app come into existence to make LGBTQ's members safe not in just USA but also in other part of world.

#3 How They Get Inspiration From.

He said that he got inspiration to develop this app from the story of a lesbi@n couple. This couple planned to stay at home but when owner found that they are lesbi@n, couple was in trouble.

#4 He Also Said.

“I think this is absurd in 2015,” Virgili continued, “but, unfortunately, there is still a need to know if someone is g@y-friendly or not.” He said, “When I travel, I want to be able to discover the g@y scene of a destination, be able to get a coffee with my partner without shame, meet like-minded new people, and learn more about the history of the local LGBT community.”

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